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College Graduation Attire



In the professional progress of a person, graduation from college is an important ceremony.  The graduations often indicate that a student has completed the college education and has gotten the required qualification that enabled them to graduate.  There is a specific way that most colleges follow in terms of dressing for the occasion mainly including a graduation gown, a square graduation cap, graduation sashes, and stoles.


The graduation gown also called academic dresses are a major part of the dressing and are usually very big in size.  The major characteristic of them s that they are long from the shoulder to the ankles.  Many at times they are black in color but some colleges may have other alternative colors.  They are made of a shiny velvet material.  The dresses are sold in shopping centers or on the Internet.  Most institutions prefer offering the gowns to the prospective graduates so that there is uniformity sometimes with a fee or not.  To learn more about graduation, check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/college-graduation/.


There is a strip of a certain material that accompanies the gowns called an academic sash, stole or one can call it a Moz zeta.  They are worn like a scarf on the shoulder around the neck and are left to flow downwards.  Thecolor they are made of are dependent on the field that one specialized in.  Say a blue graduation sash symbolizing that a person is graduating from arts department or a gold symbolizing the engineering department.  The difference in color can also mean symbolize a difference in the attainment they are getting from the college.  Gold sashes can be for say diploma graduates while green sashes for those with degrees.  The emblem of the college is often embedded in the sash.  A sash can be found from an academic shop or shopping sites on the internet.  Some are provided along with the graduation gowns by the institution.


To complete the graduation regalia are the characteristic square graduation caps also known as mortarboards.  They are squarely placed on the head and often symbolize the crowning essence of the graduation ceremony.  Photos to commemorate graduation are taken in portrait form for most people, so for this reason, it would seem that the regalia was incomplete if the cap is missing making it an important piece of the regalia.  The cap comprises a square material that is hardened and enclosed with a cloth that extends to a head fitting area.  Out of the central part at the top of the head, dangles an extension called a tassel.  In most occasions, the cap and the academic dress game whereas the tassel and the stole as will match regarding the color.  One can buy the caps in stores or online at createastole.com if the college does not provide them which is highly unlikely.